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This is Hoffellsjökull lagoon in Iceland on 2nd March this year in most incredible light conditions. Guillaume, a Local Icelander guide who knows every iceberg there, showed me this amazing place.

Delicate sun, fog, clouds, bits of blue sky were alternating and most of the time it was snowing as well. The lagoon was frozen and we walked around big icebergs which had calved from the glacier, all covered by snow. Some of the icebergs had holes, tunnels or mini caves underneath them and they were beautifully sapphire in colour. With nobody else around, it felt like on a different planet.
SnowingBright momentFog, sun and windSunny fogWindySleepingAt peacePretty lightIcebergs waiting for springEvery snowflake countsSapphire and blueUnder the blanketShadowsFoot of the glacierSapphire and blueWhite