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Montestigliano at sunriseMontestigliano; in the morning low clouds were often part of the landscape.Common Wall Lizard (Podarcis muralis nigriventris) in Montestigliano.View from Montestigliano in the direction of Orgia, a small hill village.Montestigliano farm houses in the morning sun.Orgia just visible; shortly before sunrise.Orgia disappearing in the clouds.Large terracotta pots decorate the farm at Montestigliano.Terracotta relief on one of the buildings in Montestigliano.Mist and clouds in the morning around Montestigliano.Abbey of San Galgano (ruins of a Cistercian Monastery) and Montesiepi Chapel in the background.Romanesque cloister of the Church of the Holy Trinity in Torri, a small village in Siena region.Torri village.Sunrise viewed from MontestiglianoFloor marble mosaic in Siena's Cathedral.Floor marble mosaic in Siena's Cathedral.Casa di Santa Caterina da Siena.Siena, view from the town hall (the Palazzo Pubblico).Siena, view from the town hall (the Palazzo Pubblico).Siena, fresco in the town hall.