BB foto impresje | Mountains

Morocco, Atlas Mountains: View from the Kasbah of the Glaouis in TeluetMorocco, Atlas Mountains: On our way from Marrakesh to TeluetMorocco, Atlas Mountains: Green valley near TeluetMorocco, Atlas Mountains: A prosperous villageMorocco, Atlas Mountains: View from our guesthouse in TeluetChina, Huangshan: Pines are a great feature hereChina, Huangshan: clouds move quickly revealing the vertical rocksChina, Huangshan: mist in the pine forestChina, Huangshan: sunriseChina, Huangshan: sunriseChina, Huangshan: later in the morningChina, Huangshan: verticalitiesChina, Huangshan: a skyscraperChina: Li River and the karstsChina: Li River and the karstsChina: Li River and the karstsChina: Dragon's Backbone Rice Terraces (Longji)Norway, Lofoten Islands: on our way to Nusfjord, a valley between Napp and VareidNorway, Lofoten Islands: climbers on top of SvolvaergeitaNorway, Lofoten Islands: Steinsfjorden near its exit to the sea