BB foto impresje | Forests

An Alder Carr in the Bialowieza National Park, PolandTurning to Dust; Bialowieza National Park, PolandWild mushroom; Bialowieza National Park, PolandOn a fallen tree; Bialowieza National Park, PolandStream in the Lake District, EnglandWild mushroom; Lake District, EnglandLooking towards sky; Smoky Mountains, USAAutumnal colours, Smoky Mountains, USAOn a ride; Smoky Mountains, USAAutumn, Smoky Mountains, USAEastern Tiger Swallowtail (Papilio glaucus), Spring; Smoky Mountains, USAMiddle Prong Trail in Spring, Smoky Mountains, USAJungle's mist; Taman Nagara, MalaysiaOrang Asli People, Taman Nagara, MalaysiaLianas; Taman Nagara, MalaysiaA jungle of trees; Taman Nagara, MalaysiaA jungle path; Taman Nagara, MalaysiaButtress Roots, Kenting, TaiwanPines in the clouds; Huangshan, ChinaOn a vertical slope; Huangshan, CHina